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Large bug fix update soon with a new mode!

You escaped the Comet.

You survived in space.

Now comes the real challenge.

He'll make sure you don't survive... this time...

Part of the Comet series, this arcade style bullet hell game contains 4 different modes, 53 different attacks and lots of secrets!

Featuring original music and characters, this game will have you captivated for a long time! Unless you hate raging. Then you'll probably not touch it. It really depends.

Available in a bundle with Comet - Galaxy 2 Player Edition for $2 here:

The Comet - Galaxy Bundle by SyCreeper - itch.io


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On Sale!
100% Off
$2.00 $0.00 USD or more

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GalaxyLinux32.zip 89 MB
GalaxyLinux64.zip 86 MB
GalaxyMac.zip 66 MB
GalaxyWindows32.zip 69 MB
GalaxyWindows64.zip 72 MB


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What engine was this made in?